Why dragon boat?

We welcome all Harvard students and affiliates. No prior experience is needed, just a desire to have fun.

You may join us ANYTIME during our season.

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If you have additional questions, see or FAQ or email us at


The first 2 practices are free to allow you to try out the sport and meet the team; there is no obligation to join.

After, you have the choice to join the team. Membership dues, which cover the cost of practice equipment (boat rental, paddles, personal floatation devices [PFDs]), are $80/year. Please contact for details regarding payment of dues.

Race-associated Cost

While some races are sponsored, for races that are not the entry fees are generally split among participants. With a full boat of 20-22 people, this cost is usually very reasonable; in the range of $15 – $30. We arrange carpools for trips that are within driving distances to reduce transportation costs.


For 2022, see our practice page for details on current waiver.

Disregard below:

Coverage under the liability insurance of the team requires that you sign a Liability Waiver. Please email completed form to or submit to an Executive Board member at practice.

Please consult with your physician beforehand if you feel it necessary since paddling can be very strenuous. While we provide floatation jackets when in the boat and wearing a jacket are required by organizers at all races we participate in, we recommend that you know how to swim.