FAQ and More

What should I wear?

Bring clothes as appropriate for the weather, and layer if necessary. We suggest wearing water-resistant or quick-drying clothing because you will get splashed from your own paddle and your neighbors. For footwear, Tevas or other sport sandals are a good choice. Going barefoot is not recommended due to wood splinters and nails on the docks.

If you wear glasses, you should have a band or lanyard to prevent them falling into the river. Be careful with other small items like keys, phones, etc., and consider leaving them with a team member carrying a dry bag. Sunglasses with UVA/B protection are a good idea.

What should I bring?

We suggest bringing sunscreen and water. If you have asthma or allergies, bring the appropriate remedies as a precaution.

Where are practices?

Water practices are held at the MIT Pierce Boathouse. Please see here and join our mailing list for more specifics.

When are practices?

This summer, 2hr water practices are scheduled on 5/16 (Mon), 5/31(Tue) and 6/9 (Thu) 6-8pm. 1hr pool practices are scheduled every Saturday 11am-12pm between 5/7 and 6/4 (5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4).

Please come at 5:30pm for warm up before water practice!

Please kindly fill in this Athlete Registration Form before coming to practice.

When is practice canceled?

Practice will be canceled for conditions the coach, officers, or steers person(s) feel are unsafe. Thunder/lightning, high winds, extreme heat or cold, or very limited visibility, are some examples. We will practice in the rain! Occasionally a practice may be cancelled if it immediately follows a race day. Cancellations will be announced at least 3 hours in advance whenever possible via our mailing list.

Have more questions? Email us at harvardgsasdboat@gmail.com.